Mrs. Wizard Does Windows!

That's right folks! The old gal is back, still learning, sharing and writing about all things WINDOWS. In these pages you will learn about how everything old is really new again (and again). All those Windows skills you have learned over the years are just as good today as they were yesterday. You just need to learn how to see them with your new 21st Century eyes.

Special Note: Yes... I made friends with Windows 8.1. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although there were a few words tossed about at first that had no business coming out of old Mrs. Wizard, but I found it was very stable... not totally without faults, but a lot less time was actually spent "fixing" the system and more time actually getting things done. And now, Windows X is here. Geez! Will it ever stop! I don't think so, and I hope these pages will help YOU!

Actually, Windows 10 is turning out to be a very nice upgrade. I had a few interesting days at first when it installed seamlessly on hubby's computer but refused to install on mine, but now I have it and am finding it is very friendly. Read about my first looks here.

NOW... We are back to square 1 with another new operating system... Windows 10! I'm sure glad Windows 8 didn't make me totally crazy. I'd be ready to really retire! There's an interesting story regarding the big day at the O'Neal house and the brand new squeaky Windows 10 installation "update." Things didn't exactly go the way we planned.

And Macs... O My!

She used to hate to admit going over to the Dark Side, but doesn't have a problem with it now. Actually the transition isn't as bad as you would think. Windows and Macs have a lot more in common than you would think. Look for a new section devoted to her favorite Macs and the software that makes them easy to love.

Want to learn how to take a quick snapshot of your screen on a Mac?

Please Poke around

Since this is a work in the "works," there really isn't a lot up yet and I'm pretty much still in the organizing stages and working out the general feel. I will add links to the latest actual articles on the right so you can quickly see what is going on. I'm having as much fun with my Mac as I do with Windows machines so will try to get some good some good stuff up on it as soon as possible.

You know what? I have a feeling this "work" will be in the works forever!

Special NOTE: I have been writing about Windows since Windows 3.1 (when we acquired our first machine) and can't bear to part with all that "old" wisdom. So for you diehards, here is a special link, just for you... to the ARCHIVES.  Have fun!

Enjoy Dear Readers!